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Lasoo is New Zealand’s premiere shopping destination that brings the consumer to you and makes selling easy!

New Zealander’s are actively hunting for shopping deals online and they know Lasoo is the best place to find them. Lasoo puts you in front of a highly engaged audience who are already in the shopping evaluation phase and motivated to buy. Being on Lasoo means your brand is where the action is, giving you far more opportunities to engage with shoppers.

Lasoo enables consumers to find your products and offers quickly, making shopping easy and engaging, with the ultimate goal of driving sales. A recent Lasoo survey found that after visiting Lasoo, more than 33% of visitors went on to the retailer’s store.*

Here at Lasoo, we understand the importance of range and relevance. Not only do we extend the life of your catalogue product range but we can also serve your e-commerce content. This ensures your brand and content are consistently present and discoverable, providing the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

With our multi-channel approach, Lasoo consumers are always in touch with your brand, no matter where they are, or what device they are using. This allows for synchronisation of your marketing messages across our range of digital platforms, ensuring that every touch point strengthens your proposition.

To join Lasoo please contact us on: or 0800 732 2487

*Based on Lasoo User Survey results, September 2012, n = 721

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