Curtains & Drapes Information for New Zealand

Give your rooms a sophisticated makeover and set the right atmosphere with quality curtains and drapes in a wide variety of styles. See the latest offers on window treatments to suit every personality from Australia's leading online and high street retailers.

Finding the right curtains and drapes is about more than just appearances, as the styles and materials you choose will have a direct effect on how well they perform. If you're looking for products that offer a high level of light blocking and will ensure your privacy at all times, dark colours and heavy fabrics such as suede and velvet are the best options, while lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton in bright colours let in more light and can make small rooms feel more spacious and inviting.

Depending on your preferences, curtains and drapes can be chosen to blend in with their surroundings or to make a bold impression and add a splash of colour to your rooms. With so many options available for colours, patterns and textures, you won't have trouble finding the right products to fit in with your home, from classic designs in a traditional loungeroom to the latest interior decor trends in a modern home or apartment.

Length is another important factor to consider, whether you prefer the neat finish of drapes that touch the windowsill or the elegant look of longer curtains that hang to the floor. When you've found the right window treatments for your bedroom or lounge, compare prices on othersoft furnishings to find matching rugs and home decor for the perfect finish.

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