Pressure Cleaners Information for New Zealand

Save time, water and effort with powerful pressure cleaners designed to remove stubborn stains and leave your walls and other surfaces looking good as new. You can find the best deals on the best quality power tools by comparing prices in our online catalogue.

Pressure washers take the hard work out of cleaning and maintenance jobs, and are much more time and water efficient compared to using a standard hose. Powered by a petrol engine, these cleaners come with a selection of spray nozzles and power settings suited to different applications, depending on the type of material you are cleaning and the type of dirt being removed.

Light cleaners with 100 bars of pressure or less are suitable for cleaning garden furniture, barbecues, power tools and small vehicles. If you will also be washing the car, wooden fencing, plastic gutters and hot tubs, medium power settings between 100 and 110 bars will offer a thorough clean without causing damage, while higher settings of 110 to 130 bars should be reserved for cleaning brick and concrete, and removing paintwork, rust and graffiti.

If you are looking for an all-round pressure cleaner, search for products with variable flow settings, a selection of brush and nozzle attachments and extension nozzles for accessing hard-to-reach areas. Larger units should also feature handles or wheels for ease of transport around the home and garden, as well as detergent tanks and storage compartments to keep your cleaning products handy. Check out our offers on otherpower tools and hardware supplies to make more savings on the DIY essentials.

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