Steam Cleaners Information for New Zealand

Leave your floors and carpets clean and bacteria-free with steam cleaners in all sizes from Philips, Shark, Sheffield and other trusted manufacturers. Search our online catalogue to find the best deals on chemical-free cleaners from online shops and local retailers throughout Australia, including Target and Myer.

Steam cleaners and mops are becoming more common sights in Australian homes, and many people consider these efficient cleaning devices to be just as essential as vacuum cleaners for keeping rooms free from dirt, germs and allergens, especially if there are young children or people with allergies in the household. Steam cleaners heat water to high temperatures, producing vapour that kills bacteria, mould, fungus and other harmful organisms, and are just as effective on hard surfaces like tile and wood floors as they are on carpets and upholstered furniture.

When choosing the right cleaner for your needs, look for models with multiple settings for different surfaces, including furnishings and kitchen counters, to get the most from your new appliance. Choose between compact handheld and upright steam cleaners in colours that match your other small appliances, from white and silver to colourful options.

Because steam cleaners use heated water rather than detergent and chemical cleaning products, you can save more on your shopping bills when you add one of these useful appliances to your home. If you're upgrading all of your home appliances, see our special offers on other cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners and accessories, as well as large appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

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