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HAMISH STARS AS THE THREE-LEGGED LIFE CHANGER! HOBBLING INTO HEARTS TO FIND HIS FOREVER HOME. I adopted Hamish when he was four years old. He was the last cat left after an adoption drive weekend. He had returned from two failed trials, was missing a leg, had a shaved patch on his neck after a recent surgery to remove an infected lea bite and to top it off, he had the cat flu. When I say “I adopted” I mean my partner adopted Hamish; much to my dismay as I always disliked cats and did not want one. I quickly learnt I was allergic to cats but, thanks to some antihistamines, I no longer have symptoms. Even if I did, it wouldn’t matter because I love Hamish! Bringing Hamish home was a curious experience for me, I was unfamiliar with cat mannerisms and was often asking my partner if his behaviour was normal. Hamish was shy to begin with but soon showed his friendly, affectionate self; he’s now my little snuggle buddy! Hamish shares his home with a bunny and two rescue Staghounds and does so knowing that it’s only he who has the most prized sleeping spot - on our bed. Of the four animals Hamish is easily the lowest maintenance pet and reasonably affordable to keep, even with super premium food. A few things I’ve learnt about cats: they’ve got Velcro-like tongues (so scratchy!). they’re enthusiastic about random carpet luff. they’re very clean and take pride in ensuring their mess is dealt with. Hamish has changed my perspective on cats, for the better. I’ve become an advocate for adopting a feline friend and hope that other anti-cat people will take a chance to change an unlucky cat’s life; because they will change yours…. Even if you must feign disinterest for a few weeks. For more information on pet adoption visit Helping pets & families in need. At PETstock we’re advocates for pet adoption and are proud to offer the following: In-store adoption opportunities. We offer rescue organisations within our local communities free space in our stores to showcase perfectly loveable rescue pets. National Pet Adoption Day is held every February and in 2019 helped 1,000 pets find their forever home. PETstock Assist, PETstock’s charity foundation, provides much needed funding to rescue organisations across Australia, via it’s grant program and regular donations. PETstock and PETstock Assist work to educate the community and make rescue opportunities accessible to everyone.

His leg is still M.I.A.
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