Showcase Jewellers stores operating in New Zealand are franchisees of the N.Z. company JIMACO N.Z. Ltd. JIMACO N.Z. Ltd is wholly owned by JIMACO Australia Ltd - which has over 280 Australian based Showcase Jewellers stores affiliated to it.

All N.Z. based Showcase Jewellers are shareholders in JIMACO Australia, in the same way that their Australian based counterparts are.

The JIMACO NZ Member Support Centre is located in Napier. This Support Centre provides essential adminstrative and management expertise and support in respect of N.Z. member accounts processing, product distribution where the supply origin is outside of N.Z., conference planning, and general management across the range of operating and marketing activities that relate to JIMACO NZ.

Showcase Jewellers have been operating successfully in the Australian market since 1981, and are now operating with equal success in the N.Z. market.

The establishment of JIMACO NZ occured in coincidence with Gemtime members choosing to merge into the Showcase Jewellers structure in the latter part of 2010 - which saw Gemtime N.Z. Ltd cease trading as at 28th February 2011.

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